Month: April 2014

DIY Furnace Installation: Can You Do It?

The average lifespan of a standard oil furnace is between 15 to 20 years. However, if an owner fails to maintain the equipment appropriately on an annual basis or overuses it, a furnace may end up completely unusable even before 15 years. If this is what happened to you, you will now have to worry about getting a new furnace and installing it properly in your home.

Taking the do-it-yourself route to furnace installation is fine if you fancy yourself a handyman. Of course, the first step to accomplishing this mission is to remove the old furnace. Before you can remove the old equipment and throw it out with the trash, though, you first need to shut off the fuel source. If you have an electric furnace, check for the electrical breaker panel and shut it off correctly. (more…)


Frigid Winters Often Cause Need for Boiler Repair

Toronto residents have just survived one of the more brutal winters in recent memory. While warmer temperatures are starting to prevail throughout the city, it doesn’t mean that their winter problems are over.

Tough winters are absolutely brutal on HVAC systems, particularly boilers. Before you go soak up some sun, be sure to assess the condition of your boiler. In particular, look for the following signs of trouble: (more…)

Installing a Ductless AC for the Garage

When you need a place to work on your hobbies or something to turn into a serious workshop, the garage is often at the top of your list. The wide space that could otherwise have stashed a car or two leaves you with enough room, but the lack of adequate ventilation may pose a problem. As such, you will need to set up ductless air conditioners for the garage. (more…)

Knowing When to Hire an HVAC Contractor

You might think that hiring an HVAC contractor is necessary only when an air conditioning unit needs repair, or if you’re looking to have a new system installed in your home. Full-service HVAC contractors can help you beyond that, with years of professional experience behind them.

Call them up not only for installation and repairs, but also for annual maintenance, energy efficiency evaluations, and even green energy advice. Most HVAC companies are mandated by the government to maintain sound environmental practices, which allows them to deal with leading energy and environmentally efficient systems. Not only will you be able to lower your electricity bills, but you could also cut down on your environmental footprint. (more…)

Furnace Repair—Leave it to the Experts

A seemingly simple furnace repair can instantly become stressful and costly if you decide to do a little DIY without really knowing what you’re doing. Unlike many other devices and equipment that you can fix easily around the house, furnaces require more skills and specialized knowledge to fix. Attempting to repair a furnace yourself can cause a lot of damage to your home—you might even end up injuring yourself. That’s why you should leave furnace repairs in the hands of a Toronto HVAC expert. (more…)

HVAC Maintenance for Healthy Homes

Did you know that by repairing or upgrading your HVAC, you can protect the health of your family? Tolerating dysfunctional heating and cooling systems can adversely affect your health, especially when you have a respiratory ailment. The HVAC’s role in indoor climate regulation and air quality is, therefore, vital in managing respiratory disorders.

Among other things, your HVAC controls indoor humidity to help maintain stable body temperatures and allow you to breathe effortlessly. Humid or muggy rooms have a thick, moist air quality that make it difficult for some people to inhale and exhale smoothly. (more…)

Various Types of Air Conditioners

Part of the air conditioning installation process is selecting the appropriate AC unit for one’s home. While some homeowners would usually depend on their contractors’ recommendation in choosing an AC unit, it is important to also have a good understanding of the different types of AC’s and their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Central air conditioners, for example, are very much different than their room-based counterparts. (more…)

Tips in Cleaning Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

They may be some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems around, but ductless air conditioners can still fall apart if they’re not properly cleaned and maintained. Thankfully, these air conditioning systems are simple and easy enough to use that almost anybody can keep them in good working order. Of course, a little technical knowhow about household cooling systems is also necessary. (more…)