Tips in Cleaning Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

They may be some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems around, but ductless air conditioners can still fall apart if they’re not properly cleaned and maintained. Thankfully, these air conditioning systems are simple and easy enough to use that almost anybody can keep them in good working order. Of course, a little technical knowhow about household cooling systems is also necessary.

For instance, ductless air conditioners still employ air filters that are also used by their contemporaries. These filters accumulate dirt and grime over time, which means that air filters need to be cleaned every two to four weeks (depending on the severity). If a ductless system takes way too long to produce cold air, then air filters are almost certainly clogged with particulates. In this case, the filters need to be replaced rather than cleaned. Vacuuming the interior components of the air conditioning unit itself can also improve the air filters’ longevity.

It should be noted, though, that these tips may not apply to specific brands of ductless air conditioners, which means that homeowners still need to consult with reputable HVAC companies for assistance. Meanwhile, homeowners who lack the ability to manipulate heating and cooling systems would do well to let the pros handle AC cleaning and maintenance duties.


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