Various Types of Air Conditioners

Part of the air conditioning installation process is selecting the appropriate AC unit for one’s home. While some homeowners would usually depend on their contractors’ recommendation in choosing an AC unit, it is important to also have a good understanding of the different types of AC’s and their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Central air conditioners, for example, are very much different than their room-based counterparts.

Room air conditioning units are more common than central ACs. This type of unit runs on standard electrical outlets and only has the capacity to cool a room. It gets hot air from the outside, which is then cooled through a complex system that involves compression and condensation, as well as the use of refrigerants. Installation of room ACs varies depending on the size of the room, usually through a window or an exterior wall.

Central air conditioning units, on the other hand, have the capacity to cool an entire house using a fan cooling system, and air ducts that circulate cold air in different rooms. Installation of a central AC requires specific calculations that account for the home’s insulation needs, among others. Unlike room ACs which can only cost hundreds of dollars per installation, a central AC unit may run up to thousands of dollars in installation costs.


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