HVAC Maintenance for Healthy Homes

Did you know that by repairing or upgrading your HVAC, you can protect the health of your family? Tolerating dysfunctional heating and cooling systems can adversely affect your health, especially when you have a respiratory ailment. The HVAC’s role in indoor climate regulation and air quality is, therefore, vital in managing respiratory disorders.

Among other things, your HVAC controls indoor humidity to help maintain stable body temperatures and allow you to breathe effortlessly. Humid or muggy rooms have a thick, moist air quality that make it difficult for some people to inhale and exhale smoothly.

Additionally, moisture provides the thriving breeding environment for bacteria or spores. When these microbes (as well as small particles, such as dusts or pollen) are not filtered properly, they can cause infection and asthma or allergy triggers.

Clean air is also not limited to pathogens as the chemicals or gases that may be carried through the ventilation system may also cause illnesses. A good example would be carbon monoxide, an extremely poisonous gas byproduct of defective fuel-run appliances.

These and other harmful health effects are the main reasons why air conditioning repair is important. Instead of letting your dirty or malfunctioning HVAC wreak havoc on your family’s health, you might want to call a capable HVAC repair company to undertake the appropriate maintenance measures and promptly address any defects that can lead to health hazards.


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