Frigid Winters Often Cause Need for Boiler Repair

Toronto residents have just survived one of the more brutal winters in recent memory. While warmer temperatures are starting to prevail throughout the city, it doesn’t mean that their winter problems are over.

Tough winters are absolutely brutal on HVAC systems, particularly boilers. Before you go soak up some sun, be sure to assess the condition of your boiler. In particular, look for the following signs of trouble:


Water expands when it becomes steam. This causes the pressure inside a boiler’s tank to rise significantly whenever the unit is switched on. Naturally, the tank succumbs to the wear and tear incurred from containing the pressure, thus resulting in leaks.

Weird Noises

Do you recall hearing weird rattling or hissing noises coming from your boiler a few weeks ago? If yes, your boiler may be close to breaking down. These unusual noises often indicate blockage or improper water distribution, and continued use will only cause the unit to break down faster.

Uneven Temperatures

A discrepancy in the temperature between rooms often means there is blockage in the air ducts. However, if there is no blockage, it may mean the boiler is about to kick the can.

If you notice these signs, call a repair service as soon as possible. Delaying boiler repairs can make you forget something is wrong with your unit, resulting in a frigid home once the mercury starts trending south.


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