Month: May 2014

Furnace Installation: A Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new furnace is a major decision for homeowners. It’s an expensive purchase, which makes choosing the right machine important. Here are a couple of other things to know before buying a furnace for your home:

  1. Check the size – The size of the furnace reflects how it will perform in heating your home. Buying an oversized one will result in the house being inordinately heated, thus wasting energy unnecessarily.

  2. What fuel would it use – to heat things, there is need for the proper type of fuel for the furnace. Oil and natural gas are the basic choices. However, there are hybrid choices that switch between the two.

  3. Add the maintenance costs – Don’t buy a furnace because it is the least expensive. Consider efficiency above all, products that are known to give you value for your money. The more efficient your unit is, the less you spend for maintenance costs.

Make sure to figure in installation costs, as well. A few more things have to be considered during the process. First, the location in which the unit will be installed must be dry enough to prevent rapid corrosion of the furnace, while having access to outside air. Second, check your vents and ducts; your new furnace won’t be as effective with leaky ducts. Finally, whenever you can, have an inspector check the work to make sure you’re all set and the unit is properly installed.


Knowing When to Get Your Boiler Repaired

Enjoying a hot shower anytime is one of the luxuries of modern life, a convenience possible only with an efficient water boiler in your home. However, the luxury could just as quickly turn to misery when the much-fancied modern device malfunctions. Preventing any number of causes for boiler breakdown can save you a lot of money and worries down the line. Here are a few of the warning signs to look out for, signs that tell you it’s high time to call a boiler repairman.



Just as high-mileage cars need a visit to the mechanic, so do water boilers need to be checked by service technicians. Some parts may need upgrading or replacing. A well-maintained boiler can last a long time, but experts peg a boiler’s shelf-life at twenty years.


Strange Odor

If you start smelling something metallic from the direction of your boiler, it’s time to call the repairman. This smell usually means that either gas or oil is leaking out of the boiler. At worst, it may be leaking carbon monoxide, a potentially dangerous turn for occupants in the house.


It’s On, but Not Heating

Water is cold and doesn’t heat up even though the boiler has been turned on for some time—a definite sign something is wrong. This may be caused by sludge deposits in the tank or simple wear and tear, the machine fatigued out of being overworked. A boiler technician can resolve this.

Get Excellent Heating and Cooling in Toronto Homes through Maintenance

As a city that experiences four distinct seasons, Toronto requires its citizens to be prepared no matter what the weather. Hence, heating and air conditioning in Toronto homes is commonplace.

Of course, these appliances can keep families comfortable only if they are well maintained. Skimp on the upkeep, and you might find yourself with a malfunctioning or inoperable HVAC system in the dead of winter or at the height of summer.

A Few Simple Ways to Keep Cool until You Can Get AC Repair in Toronto

As longtime Toronto residents know, summers in the area are hot and humid, with the temperatures reaching as high as 35°C (95°F). That’s why most people have air conditioning units at home to fend off the heat. Sometimes though, you turn on the AC and instead of powering up, it just sits there lifeless. Or maybe it does turn on but it barely cools your home.

These scenarios are indeed problematic as no one wants to stay in a sweltering home that has no air conditioning. Hence, the first thing you should do is call a reliable Toronto AC repair company like Laird and Son. Be sure that the contractor you choose can send repairmen to your home as soon as possible. Aside from this, they must be able to do the job correctly the first time to minimize the cost and discomfort caused by a broken AC.

How Proper Air Conditioner Installation in Toronto Cuts Energy Costs

Utilize fans for air flow.
Find ceiling fans that can move in either direction. During the summer, operate your fans in a counter-clockwise direction so cool air moves downwards for maximum air dissemination. This lifts the burden of your air conditioner unit during the hot season. On the other hand, fan blades moving in a clockwise direction brings down the warm air to heat up the room.

Upgrade your utility units.
Think about getting new energy-efficient units for your home. With today’s rapidly advancing technology, newer models are usually designed to use less power. Choose appliances with an Energy Star sticker as these comply with the standards of product cost-efficiency. You can also find leading companies like Laird and Son, which specialize in setting up “green” units and in professional air conditioner installation around Toronto.

Tuning Up A/Cs with Dependable HVAC Companies in Toronto for Summer

Perform early routine inspections.
The early bird catches the worm, and the early homeowner who executes maintenance checks identifies small problems immediately and prevents them from developing into more serious ones. You don’t have to wait until the demand for HVAC services peak during the summer months, especially not when you really want your A/C unit to be working great.

Clean or replace filters.
Once a month, detach the filters and eliminate the debris by washing them in warm, soapy water. Make sure that they are washable first, and then dry them completely before mounting it back to the unit. When there are signs of damage or corrosion, find out the correct dimensions of the filters before buying a replacement.

Extra Time to Get Air Conditioners and Furnaces in Toronto Checked

Preventative maintenance goes a long way in making sure that air conditioners and furnaces in Toronto continue to function as they should. While residents could, theoretically, wait for their equipment to break down before calling in the pros, keeping a maintenance checklist has every advantage over emergency repair, and, of course, none of the consequences of the latter.

First, it means that your equipment will keep running as expected and breakdowns can be minimized. You’ll spend less time in baking in the heat and more time chilling in the cool.

Make Heating and Cooling Your Home Affordable

You wouldn’t feel comfortable in your own home if the temperature isn’t just right. Whether it is too hot or it is too cold, our usual response is to adjust the thermostat to the appropriate setting. Both heating and cooling can put a dent in your monthly household budget—heating bills, for instance, can wrack up to $500 in an average-sized room.

There are ways, however, where one can save on energy without having to go without the comfort of cooling in the summer, or heating in the winter. With the right changes in your personal habits, and a few home improvements, your heating and cooling bills can be slashed in half. Here’s what you can do:

  • Weatherstrip your doors and windows. Weatherstripping is the act of sealing the entrances of a house against the elements. This stops rain from entering and also ensures that indoor temperature stays stabilized inside the house throughout. Heat or cold enters through cracks in windows and doors. Sealing them up helps maintain the cozy temperature you’ve set indoors.

  • Update your air conditioner if it is ten years old or more. The latest models are more energy-efficient and can cool better than older products.

  • Be accurate with your thermostat usage. Set it at 78 and 80 degrees during summer and raise it by 7 degrees when leaving the house. Before going to sleep, a change of 4 degrees higher is advisable for comfort. During winter, the advised setting is 68 to 70 degrees.

  • Regular maintenance ensures efficiency. This works for both your air conditioners and furnace. Have a professional HVAC technician visit and look them over for problems at least once a year.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Service in Toronto: A Leak You Can Fix

Air conditioner leaks are a common occurrence and, according to Popular Mechanics, make up 90 percent of all central-air service calls. With the summer months looming just around the corner, many Torontonians will likely have their central air conditioning units serviced for exactly that reason.

Many of these leaks can be relatively easy to fix. If you’ve got your hands tied, however, or simply don’t have the inclination to undertake such repairs, any company that provides air conditioner and furnace service in Toronto will be more than happy lend a helping hand.

Making Your Expenses Count Through Reliable Furnace Repair in Toronto

There are a number of companies in the area that conduct reliable Toronto furnace repair performed by qualified technicians. Reputable companies employ skilled professionals who are trained to handle the toughest HVAC problems and concerns. Moreover, contacting the right people lessens the chances of experiencing frequent repairs as a result of poor services from mediocre companies.
In addition, look for HVAC contractors that are adept at handling systems from leading brands. Companies like Laird & Son, for example, boast of technicians who are trained and equipped to fix Carrier, Brandt, Trane, Goodman, Keeprite, York, and Lennox products, among others.

Buying a house and maintaining involves preparation, as well as making the right decisions, and tapping the experts for repairs is one of the best moves a homeowner can make.