Ductless A/C Units—An Energy-Efficient Option

Ductless air conditioners incorporate the use of an outdoor condenser unit, with electrical and refrigerant lines that go through the exterior wall to one or more wall-mounted air handlers inside the home. As such, ductless systems are usually a permanent fixture on a wall, which means they require professional installation and a larger investment than a portable or window air conditioner.


However, they are cheaper to install than a central A/C unit, and also less intrusive, since they don’t require a bulky duct system to distribute air. Many models can have as many as four air handlers connected to the outdoor unit, which means a ductless A/C system can cool up to four middle-sized rooms.


The biggest advantage that ductless A/Cs have over central A/Cs is that they are actually more energy-efficient as they allow you to cool only the rooms you are using. Thus, less energy wasted compared to central A/Cs, which cool the whole home—including unused areas—whenever they’re turned on. Not only that, ducts account for more than 30 percent of energy loss in an A/C system. Since the lighter models require no ductwork, ductless A/Cs do away unnecessary energy losses.


An alternative cooling system that’s more energy-efficient—a ductless A/C system is definitely the way to go.


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