Features that Affect the Cost of a New A/C Unit

When it comes to choosing a new cooling system, you need to find one that will serve you efficiently for many years to come. Of course, one of the first questions you’re going to ask is, “How much do I have to pay for a new air conditioner?” It’s hard to give an exact number since a lot of different factors come into play, not to mention that A/C system prices vary from dealer to dealer. Nevertheless, it pays for you to know the features that add to the cost of a new A/C unit. Here are three of the most prominent ones:

High efficiency ratings

A/C units with high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings cost more up-front, but they help you save significantly on energy consumption, which will result in lower cooling bills throughout the entire lifespan of these appliances.


Variable speed air handlers

Unlike single-speed handlers, variable speed air handlers can operate over a wide range of speeds that also contributes to significant savings on energy costs.


Advanced air filtering systems

Modern A/C units with advanced filtering systems can eliminate up to 98 percent of your indoor air’s harmful contaminants, thereby improving air quality and limiting the spread of illnesses in your home.


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