Make Heating and Cooling Your Home Affordable

You wouldn’t feel comfortable in your own home if the temperature isn’t just right. Whether it is too hot or it is too cold, our usual response is to adjust the thermostat to the appropriate setting. Both heating and cooling can put a dent in your monthly household budget—heating bills, for instance, can wrack up to $500 in an average-sized room.

There are ways, however, where one can save on energy without having to go without the comfort of cooling in the summer, or heating in the winter. With the right changes in your personal habits, and a few home improvements, your heating and cooling bills can be slashed in half. Here’s what you can do:

  • Weatherstrip your doors and windows. Weatherstripping is the act of sealing the entrances of a house against the elements. This stops rain from entering and also ensures that indoor temperature stays stabilized inside the house throughout. Heat or cold enters through cracks in windows and doors. Sealing them up helps maintain the cozy temperature you’ve set indoors.

  • Update your air conditioner if it is ten years old or more. The latest models are more energy-efficient and can cool better than older products.

  • Be accurate with your thermostat usage. Set it at 78 and 80 degrees during summer and raise it by 7 degrees when leaving the house. Before going to sleep, a change of 4 degrees higher is advisable for comfort. During winter, the advised setting is 68 to 70 degrees.

  • Regular maintenance ensures efficiency. This works for both your air conditioners and furnace. Have a professional HVAC technician visit and look them over for problems at least once a year.


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