Knowing When to Get Your Boiler Repaired

Enjoying a hot shower anytime is one of the luxuries of modern life, a convenience possible only with an efficient water boiler in your home. However, the luxury could just as quickly turn to misery when the much-fancied modern device malfunctions. Preventing any number of causes for boiler breakdown can save you a lot of money and worries down the line. Here are a few of the warning signs to look out for, signs that tell you it’s high time to call a boiler repairman.



Just as high-mileage cars need a visit to the mechanic, so do water boilers need to be checked by service technicians. Some parts may need upgrading or replacing. A well-maintained boiler can last a long time, but experts peg a boiler’s shelf-life at twenty years.


Strange Odor

If you start smelling something metallic from the direction of your boiler, it’s time to call the repairman. This smell usually means that either gas or oil is leaking out of the boiler. At worst, it may be leaking carbon monoxide, a potentially dangerous turn for occupants in the house.


It’s On, but Not Heating

Water is cold and doesn’t heat up even though the boiler has been turned on for some time—a definite sign something is wrong. This may be caused by sludge deposits in the tank or simple wear and tear, the machine fatigued out of being overworked. A boiler technician can resolve this.


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