Evaluating a Newly Installed Air Conditioning Unit

Many homeowners rely on professionals for the installation of their air conditioning system. This is ideal as the procedure requires skills that can only be acquired from years of training and experience. When the installation is done, there are several things the professional installer must do before finally leaving the newly installed unit to the owner’s use and care.

First, he’ll run a test cycle to find out if the installation went properly. The unit must expel sufficient cooled air without producing strange noises. If a problem arises during the test, he must fix it immediately and perform the test cycle again before proceeding to demonstration.

When the installer is sure that the system is working fine and that no issues are likely to arise anytime soon, he will then perform a demonstration for the owner. As he shows how to operate the system, the installer will also explain how each of the unit’s major parts works. This is to prevent as many problems as possible from arising due to the improper use of the system.

Lastly, the pro will educate the owner on when to have the first maintenance checkup for the AC system. He may also provide some tips on caring for the unit to prolong its functional life. The AC owner should take this chance to find out as much as he can about operating the system to minimize the need for professional repair services.


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