Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

Are you having AC repairs done more often each year? Is your power bill steadily rising even if you don’t buy new electrical appliances? Do you often have trouble with efficiently cooling your home?

If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, then there might be some AC problems lurking within your system, all without your knowledge. Here are some of the common causes of such conundrums.

Beyond Size

Don’t assume that whoever has the biggest air conditioner necessarily lives in the most comfortably cooled home. Equipment like ACs are about both size and performance. For instance, a disproportionately large unit will cool the room too quickly, thus cycling on and off just as fast, eventually wearing down the components inside.

Ignoring Maintenance

ACs will need constant care and maintenance, otherwise they will wear down quickly and break down more often. Take the air filter, for example, which is a notorious source of HVAC unit problems if left dirty for a long time. Components like evaporator coils, as well as those that are generally exposed to the outdoors also need constant cleaning and maintenance.

Leaving the AC Open

If you want to make sure that your home is already cooled by the time you get back from work, use a programmable thermostat that can turn the unit on and off at the right intervals. Letting the unit run all day not only wastes power and causes your bill to balloon, but it also makes the unit vulnerable to damage.


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