Troubleshooting a Faulty Gas Furnace

Like other home appliances, gas furnaces are prone to breaking down due to natural wear and tear – and this can spell trouble especially during the cold winter months. Hence, here are a few troubleshooting tips.

The pilot light won’t light up.

A pilot light’s tip is a haven for soot, grime, and grit which can accumulate through the years. If your furnace isn’t firing up, check if the pilot light is out and if the tip is dirty. A clogged tip generally blocks the flow of gas, resulting in a pilot light that won’t stay lit. If you want to be thorough, you can completely remove the tip and soak it in a degreasing solution; attach and relight it.

The pilot light won’t stay lit.

If you’ve already cleaned the tip but the pilot light won’t stay lit, then the furnace might be experiencing problems with the thermocouple. Consult with your furnace’s instruction manual first to find out how to replace the defective unit; then relight and test accordingly.

Low heat output.

If your furnace isn’t generating enough heat, check if the burners are churning out irregular flames. If you notice faint or irregular flames, then the furnace’s base settings may need adjustment. If the flame isn’t the right colour (it should be blue and not yellow), it means that the burners aren’t producing the right temperature. This can be fixed by finding and adjusting the screw in the pilot light to the ideal working temperature. 


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