Picking the Right Condensing-Gas Furnace

A good number of the furnaces that power HVAC systems across the country are of the condensing-gas variety. If you’ve been moving towards a similar system, you need to know how to pick the one model that will suit your needs at home, and skilled HVAC contractors can help.

It is important that the house and the existing system be checked for the appropriate heating and cooling load of the new system. Dependable HVAC contractors usually have an array of units ready for your perusal.

Condensing-gas furnaces are known for high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of between 90 and 97%. The grade can be found in the EnerGuide product label, which can be seen at the furnace’s owner’s manual. A double sign of quality and efficiency would be the ENERGY STAR® label.

Some HVAC specialists claim that condensing-gas furnaces are too advanced for older-model thermostats to properly manage. As such, you must buy a new programmable thermostat to complement the furnace. Your HVAC contractor can guide you on the device’s plus points, such as preset temperatures for specific days.

It is never too late to install a condensing-gas system for your home. You may be in for more energy savings.


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