Boiler Repair: Knowing When You Already Need One

Preparing for the colder months should take place as early as summer, especially if it involves some of your home heating solutions. Your boiler’s performance, for example, needs to be assessed and evaluated early to ensure uninterrupted performance come winter time. Unfortunately, your boiler may require more than maintenance. Here are a few signs your boiler needs immediate repairs.

  1. Water Leaks – Have you noticed water leaking outside the unit? That is an automatic signal for boiler repair. Leaks would mean that your boiler will tend to use up more fuel than it is supposed to, which means higher costs.
  1. Inefficiency – If you start noticing that your boiler’s performance have dipped, or in worse cases, dropped significantly, then it’s high time for you to have it checked and repaired. Failure to provide substantial – or any – heat at all means there is something internal that needs to be fixed or replaced. You may not know it, but sludge buildup maybe causing it to malfunction.
  1. Strange Noises – Lastly, if you have been hearing sounds that seem quite unusual, better reach for the phone and contact the repair guy. These noises could be caused by iron deposits, which affect the distribution of water.

Repairs will cost you money, but once you realize that your boiler needs one, don’t hesitate to spend on it. You can limit problems, though, by having your boiler go through regular checkups.


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