Cozying Up with Reliable Furnace Systems at Home

Keeping warm is big in Toronto and other parts of Canada. In fact, 63% of residential energy use is attributed to heating living spaces. In order to choose which kind of furnace heating structure suits your home, you have to consider running cost and product efficiency.

To help you find out the right fit, here are some types of furnaces that you can utilize to heat up your home:

Forced air system

The forced air system uses various fuel sources like natural gas, propane, oil and electricity to heat the air in the furnace before a fan forces it through a duct system for distribution. The most common type of home heating, this arrangement needs routine filtration and maintenance to remove the allergens that move with the warm air.

Steam or hot water system

A steam or hot water system transfers heat directly from a hot surface to a cold one. This type is commonly distributed through hot water tubes embedded below the floor surface or through radiant panels in ceilings. Energy-efficient hot water systems often emit comfortable, even heat, but can be difficult to repair if problems occur.

Heat pump or reverse cycle system

Heat pumps don’t burn fuel to heat a room. They usually utilize electricity to move heat from one place to another, and eliminate cool air by compressing the refrigerant to make it warmer and circulating it through a heat exchanger. Insulating the unit can lessen the energy that the furnace needs to operate.


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