Understanding and Manipulating a Blower’s Wiring

Blowers are meant to circulate either cooling or heating loads all over the house’s ductwork. However, when the blower itself is the problem, things will warrant immediate repair or replacement options, and part of that will require looking into the motor wiring. A professional emergency furnace repair technician may help you with the problem.

The technician may be intimately familiar with the furnace’s inner workings to further check the motor status. A product label on the side of the motor will indicate which coloured wires are linked to circuits. A typical wiring diagram will show the linkages to the fan relay and speed controls. This can guide the technician further on how to strip the motor and put in a replacement.

Brown-coloured wires are linked to the capacitor. Wires with black-coloured insulation are power cables linked to the terminal block and fan relay along with the blower’s “Common” wiring; the latter are in white insulation. The blower motor will have wires to denote speed settings. The “High” wire, which is black, will be placed on a corresponding slot in the fan relay along with “Medium” (blue/yellow insulation) and “Low” (red insulation).

Getting to know a replacement blower motor’s wiring will prevent mishaps when the furnace is turned on again.


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