Taming the Weather in Toronto

Toronto has often been touted as a wonderful city to live in. Known for its warm springs and summers, friendly falls, and pleasant winters, Toronto has a vibrant lifestyle and mood that would make any family live happily ever after.

Temperature’s rising

The month of July is well into Toronto’s summer season, which ends in September. Temperatures can go as high as 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). This would be the best time to arrange an air conditioner installation by Toronto HVAC experts and make sure existing ones are operating at peak efficiency.

Look for warning signs

To know if your HVAC needs maintenance, learn to spot the signals which may mean a visit from a maintenance company like Laird & Son that specialises in preventive maintenance:

  • The age of your system. Well-maintained HVAC systems will perform anywhere from twelve to fifteen years

  • Sharp rise in your electric bill

  • Strange sounds coming from the HVAC unit

  • Rooms that are colder or warmer than the rest

An ounce of prevention

There are three compelling reasons to maintain your HVAC system regularly. Firstly, a well-maintained system will lower your energy consumption (and your electric bill). Secondly, annual maintenance is cheaper than buying a brand new system. Lastly, nothing can compare to living comfortably with your loved ones, especially in the summertime.


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