Quality AC Repair in Toronto Deals with Refrigeration System Leaks

The importance of R410a Puron as an airconditioning refrigerant is not lost on Canadians as an evolution of R22 freon. In January, 2010, Environment Canada stated that no more R22 equipment would be imported from then on and R410 cannot be used as replacement coolant for HVAC units that rely on R22 because it is designed for newer high-pressure units. When your R410-specific system is losing efficiency from leakage, have experts at AC repair in Toronto like the team at Laird & Son Heating and Air Conditioning solve the problem for you.
Your contractor’s crew should have the leeway to look through every inch of the system for potential leaks. Edwards states that one way to do this is to inspect the refrigeration coils with the manufacturer specification sheet on hand and list down data on any pressure drops. A leak detection device is often used to mark the pressure drop spot.


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