Month: May 2015

Toronto AC Repair, or Have a Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Do you need Toronto AC repair or do you want to replace your old system? With the vital function that air conditioning serves, it is important for both to be carried out as soon as possible. The AC helps maintain indoor air quality, which is why if you have a malfunctioning or broken AC during the hot months, it can be more than just a bit uncomfortable; it can also be detrimental to health.

AC Repairs

There are various signs that there is something wrong with your AC system. If there are any odd noises whenever the unit is in operation, this can mean a faulty part; the same is true for strange odours. If your bill is getting higher, you may also be dealing with an inefficient AC.


The Role HVAC Companies in Toronto Plays in Keeping Indoor Air Quality

Keeping good indoor air quality (IAQ) is important for any building. A compromised IAQ can be harmful to the health of the inhabitants. That alone is enough reason to pay significant attention to its status.

Causes of Problems with IAQ

There are a lot of things that can affect the quality of air inside buildings, including interaction between furnishing and materials, activities done inside the building, the occupants of the building, and the climate. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) stated that IAQ has become a principal concern regarding health and safety. In the organization’s FAQ, causes of IAQ problems may be one or more of the following: indoor environment (encompassing insufficient humidity, temperature, and lighting, or excess noise), air contaminants (chemicals, moulds, gases, odours, vapours, bacteria, fungi, and dust), and inadequate intake of outdoor air.