Month: March 2016

What is a Ductless Air Conditioner in Toronto and How Does it Work?

Ductless air conditioning is a great option if you live in an old house which doesn’t have ducts already installed, or if you want the cool breeze without the large price tag. They also remove the need to install window units when the weather heats up and then having to find somewhere to store them out of season. Ductless units are often more efficient than the regular window units; they are even saving you money compared to a regular system whilst they are running.

What Components Do Ductless Air Conditioners Contain?

The ductless air conditioning unit is composed of two very small components. These components are the reason why the ductless system is often called aMini Split or a Ductless Split System.


Tips for Savvy Homeowners on Preparing for a Furnace Installation

The installation of your furnace has to be right whether it’s a system replacement or upgrade. Some of the furnace issues that arise over time are a result of poor installation. When getting a new heating system, one of the most crucial aspects is the home’s evaluation. Toronto HVAC contractors will come to your home before the installation and take a look around. Some things have to be done to get ready for the installation also.

Evaluating Needs

Firstly, HVAC companies do home inspections to assess the specific needs of a particular homeowner. For a furnace to work efficiently, its capacity must meet the heating requirements of a particular room. If it’s your first time buying a furnace, then you will need help to get the right-sized system.